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Chinese Medicine is a holistic healing system that views the person in terms of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Some of the language and cultural references can make it seem primitive and inconsistent with modern western thought. However it generally not only aligns with what we have discovered with science, but also with how pathologies manifest but that we cannot yet explain bio-medically.

Unfortunately we are still limited by current technology in explaining how Chinese Medicine works in western bio-medical terms. However there is increasing evidence to show that it does work. The research & academic communities will continue to strive to understand both the efficacy and mechanisms of Chinese Medicine. In the mean time we can continue to leverage the power of this system in conjunction with western medicine.

Chinese Medicine and Western medicine each have their strengths and weaknesses. By combining them I am confident that we increase the options & help that we give our patients. I will work within the framework of Tradition Chinese Medicine, doing diagnosis and treating the syndrome using acupuncture and traditional formulas. I will work to understand your western diagnosis and treatment plan and try to ensure that your MD & I are taking a synergistic approach to your well being.